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Updated in November 2023

If you look at your garage and you think to yourself, “yikes,” it might be time to reorganise it so that it looks good!

This is especially true if the room is so crowded that you can no longer park any of your vehicles there – a situation that is familiar to many of us.

When it’s time to organise your Sydney garage, you might feel like your choices are limited… but the truth is just the opposite.

If you pay attention to the space you do have available and do your due diligence to learn how to make the most out of the space you have, you can easily learn how to add storage space to the garage without it looking too crowded. Below are a few tips and suggestions to help you out.

Garage Storage Step #1: Organise and Sort Your Garage First

Before you do anything else, you should go through all of your things in the garage and sort everything out so that you can throw away things you no longer need. 

With the things that are left over, sort them according to what they are so that you can more easily determine how many storage containers you need. When you sort the items, sort them by category or grouping; for instance, store all gardening items together, all tools together, and so on. If there’s anything there that is dangerous, such as turpentine or any chemicals, make sure you dispose of it properly.

Garage Organisation Step #2: Draw a Draft Floor Plan

If you draw your garage’s floor plan, you can more easily decide where to store all of your items. Make sure you indicate where the doors and windows are so that you don’t plan to stack things in front of them, and don’t forget to indicate how much room your vehicles will take up in the garage. Measure everything so that you’ll know what sizes to buy when you go shopping for storage containers, shelves, and hooks. You’ll need all of this information once you start deciding which items should go where.

Garage Organisation Step #3: Make Things Easy on Yourself

To make things a little easier when organising your garage, don’t forget to:

  • Place garbage cans and recycling cans close to the door leading to the inside of your home so that you won’t have to walk far when placing those items in the cans.
  • Store things you rarely use, such as Christmas decorations, on the top shelves or in other hard-to-reach places, where they’ll be safe but out of the way most of the time. Be sure to seal them well to keep cockroaches out!
  • Keep items that are used mostly outdoors – including bikes and gardening tools – somewhere near the front of the garage. This way, they’ll be easy to get to on those days when you’re planning to use the items.

Another tip is to use clear storage bins for anything you’re storing up high and out of reach – things such as Christmas decorations. If you do this, you can clearly see what’s inside of the bins without having to get on a ladder and pull those bins down every time you’re searching for something in particular. Labelling any non-obvious containers is also a great way to avoid frustration later on, when you’re trying to find a particular item in a mountain of same-looking containers!

Garage Organisation Step #4: Concentrate on Bins, Vertical and Horizontal Storage Systems

When it comes to the items used to store your belongings, the possibilities are endless. Utilise all of them, including storage bins of all sizes, horizontal and vertical storage systems, and peg boards with hooks on them. Decide which items you’d like to store where, then plan accordingly. Go ahead and buy all of the storage containers at once because this is the best way to avoid having to go back out to get something you missed the first time.

If you’re working on your garage and storing your belongings and you run out of containers, you’ll at least have an idea on how many you need and what sizes they should be.

Garage Organisation Step #5: Buy a Lockable Cabinet for Storing Dangerous Items

If you have any chemicals, paints, and so on, it might be best if you lock them up in a cabinet. This way, tiny hands won’t accidentally grab these items and do something with them that they shouldn’t. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and locking up dangerous materials is always a good idea. In addition, if you need help finding the right storage containers, find a store that specialises in these items so that you can get the right ones in the end.

It is REALLY important to keep precious, dangerous or valuable items locked away securely in the right storage boxes. And we can’t really mention this without reminding you that The Storage Box provides this safe & secure over-bonnet storage, meaning it essentially makes use of previously un-used space in your garage.

Garage Organisation Step #6: Invest in Quality Garage Shelving

Installing the right shelfing system can be an invaluable way to maximise your garage storage space. While not always an option for apartment or unit living  (depending on the amount of garage space available), a quality garage shelfing system (combined with well-built storage boxes) can significantly increase the amouhnt of storage area you have to play with. The best garage shelving systems also allow you to modify the shelf height, making it easier to store large and awkward-sized boxes (or individual items)… or store more smaller items (with more shelves) in the same amount of space. In other words, you can customise it to fit your specific needs.

Garage Organisation Step #7: Maintain Good Storage Practices

No matter how much time, effort and money you invest to organise your garage, it will all be in vain if you don’t keep it organised. The simplest approach to maintaining an organised garage is to ensure you & your family members avoid placing ANYTHING in the garage which:

  •  Should just be thrown away / donated / sold (i.e. avoid hoarding!)
  • Is placed loosely in an open area, rather than being placed in a drawer / box / cabinet etc
  • Is simply “stacked” without thinking on top of other items
  • Is not placed within the same vicinity as similar items

 This really is more of a habit-building exercise than anything; you may have to be a little militant with your family in order to keep your garage uncluttered, but the results will be worth it in the end!

Final Thoughts 

Not having enough storage space in your garage can be very frustrating. While the option of using an offsite storage facility is always there, there are downsides including cost, transport, ease of access and so on. But if your storage needs don’t warrant paying monthly storage bills for someone else to keep your stuff safe & secure, then it’s worth exploring some of the ideas mentioned in this article. You’ll be able to reduce your clutter, organise your home and get a feeling of being back in control again!


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