Garage storage ideas in Sydney

One of the biggest problems with garages is that they’re conveniently “out of site, out of mind”. This makes the garage one of our favourite dumping grounds within the home – perfect for the unplanned, last-minute drop-ins by friends & family, a home inspection or other event where we need to hide our stuff quickly!

While it may seem like a great idea at the time, like most quick-fixes in life, these reactionary clean-up sessions tend to create more problems in the long term. Unfortunately, living with a messy garage can cause stress for you & your family members.

In this article, we explore some of our favourite garage storage ideas for Sydney households, to help you bring order to chaos and restore that feeling of “being in control” over your stuff!

Garage Storage Idea #1: Assess Your Needs

The first step in sorting out your garage is to work out exactly what you WANT to store in your garage. 

Once you’ve created a list of all the items you want (or need) to store in your Sydney garage, you’ll have a better understanding of the equipment you’ll need to purchase in order to achieve those storage goals.

Some questions to help you with this task include:

  1. Is our priority to store a vehicle (or two) in our garage, or do we need to prioritise storage?
  2. What categories of “stuff” do we need to store? For example: lawn & garden care, sporting equipment, exercise gear, tools, clothing, hobbies, photo albums / memorabilia…
  3. Which items can we throw away, donate or sell?
  4. Are there any items which would need more secure storage than others?
  5. Are there any other items in our home which SHOULD live in the garage, but aren’t here today?
  6. What kind of storage options could help us be more efficient with the available space?
  7. Can we take advantage of the overbonnet space?

Garage Storage Idea #2: Wall-Mounted Storage Options

You may be surprised to discover how many options exist today for wall-mounted garage storage. From storage cabinets to wire baskets and bike hooks, the creativity in this space is impressive! You’ll soon realise there are more ways to store stuff in your garage than you can count. 

The main thing to watch out for is your spending – it’s easy to get caught up in the process & end up buying things you don’t really need. So, be sure to check each wall-mounted storage solution against the list you created before you started this process (you DID write that list, yes..?)

You’ll also want to consider any tools or know-how you’ll need in order to affix your storage solution to your garage walls. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying new garage storage solutions, only to get home & discover you don’t have the equipment (or the skills) to install them!

Garage Storage Idea #3: Ceiling Storage Solutions

If you want to truly maximise your garage storage efficiency, you can’t ignore the ceiling space.

Many people discount the garage ceiling as a viable storage space, but this is a mistake! These days, you have a range of solutions which utilise the ceiling of your garage, including:

  • Storage hoists 
  • Storage racks
  • Storage bins
  • Storage hooks

These kinds of innovative storage solutions can help you manage large, heavy or awkward items such as kayaks, sufboards, bikes, fishing rods & power tools. 

Garage Storage Idea #4: Freestanding Storage Systems

The most common types of garage storage would fall under the category of “free standing”. These solutions would include:

  • Shelving untis
  • Storage carts
  • Toolboxes
  • Cabinets
  • Workbenches

Your options in this area are truly staggering, limited only by the available space and your budget! If you live in an apartment, you will typically have to find more efficient methods of storing your items.

Garage Storage Idea #5: Organising & Grouping Your Tools

How frustrating is it to constantly waste time & effort trying to find the one particular tool you need to fix a problem area of your home?

From organising your nails and screws into small bins or draws, to storing your tools in logical categories and easy-to-access spaces, this part of your garage storage process is likely to be the most time-consuming. However, it’s also the activity which – once completed – may bring you the greatest sense of “being in control”! 

You may also want to use this time to consider whether it’s time to decomission or upgrade any of your tools. Are you just holding on to that old power drill from 1989 because it reminds you of “simpler times”, or would you be better off disposing of it & upgrading to a newer, lighter & more power-efficient model?

Be sure to allocate sufficient time to complete this process. While it’s likely to be tedious and possibly even overwhleming at times, it’s hard to explain that feeling you get when you realise that everything within your home has a dedicated (and predictable) location.

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