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Frustrated by the lack of storage in your Sydney unit or apartment building?

The Storage Box allows you to store your sporting gear, electrical equipment, out-of-season clothing, craft or hobby items and more, by maximising your existing space – over bonnet storage above your car, in the garage!

Solid, sturdy and stable galvanised steel construction for your security and peace of mind.




    Your items are kept safe in The Storage Box; galvanised, powder-coated steel with 3-point lockable door system.


    Approximately 2.5 cubic metres of available storage space.


    Holds up to 600kg of whatever you can fit inside!


    The Storage Box makes use of the existing space in your garage which is otherwise being wasted… over bonnet storage to the rescue!


    Raise or lower the height of your Storage Box to cater for your parking space (from 940mm to 1320mm height)


    You can store almost anything in The Storage Box, including gardening equipment, beach gear, sports equipment, electrical devices & cabling, fishing gear, craft materials, tools.


    The Storage Box is freestanding, neutral in colour (“cool grey”) and will not interfere with neighbouring vehicles. As a result it is being approved by a growing number of Australian Body Corporates

    We Deliver

    Delivery to Sydney metro addresses is FREE – and just $60 for other NSW addresses.

    5 Year warranty

    For additional assurance, each Storage Box comes with  5 year manufacturer warranty.

    Done-For-You Option

    Don’t feel like putting your Storage Box together yourself? Let us build it for you!



    Why use a Storage Box in your basement or car park?

    The Storage Box is a quality, over bonnet storage cabinet for car
    spaces. By using the wasted space that sits over the bonnet of your car you
    can create storage space in your basement car space or garage, without
    losing any parking area. Perfect for parking space storage for Sydney units & apartments.

    What are the dimensions of the Storage Box unit?

    The storage area of The Storage Box has the following dimensions 2350mm wide 1000mm high and 1000mm deep providing 2.35m2 of storage space that would otherwise be wasted.

    The legs of the storage container are adjustable between 940mm min and 1320mm max allowing SUV’s to park under in most circumstances.

    The total height of the cabinet is between 1930mm and 2310mm depending on the clearance selected.

    How much clearance over my car bonnet can I have?

    The Storage Box unit has an adjustable height from 940mm to a maximum 1320mm high. The Storage Box can be lowered to less than 940mm, but this would incur an additional cost per unit.

    How much does the Storage Box cost?

    $1750 which includes GST delivery. Install is $350 additional cost per unit.

    How long is the warranty?

    The Storage Box has a manufacture’s warranty for 5 years from date of purchase.

    Can you help with body corporate approval process?

    Needmorestorage.com.au is more than happy to support your approval in any way with the provision of an approval letter for your body corporate. Just ask!

    How much weight can the Storage Box hold?

    The Storage Box can hold upwards of 500kg.

    Typically how long will it take to get the Storage Box installed?

    Install of the Storage Box takes our installers around 2 hours to assemble and is generally able to be booked within a week, subject to some variation.

    Can I install the Storage Box myself and how long should it take?

    Absolutely, you can install the Storage Box yourself! If this is your first time, it will take 2 people around 3 hours to complete. Please note the Storage Box is quite heavy and requires some heavy lifting to assemble. Minimal tools are required, which should be part of a handy person’s existing tool kit.

    What are the key features of the Storage Box?

    The Storage Box is constructed from galvanised steel, is fully powder coated inside and out and has been designed with our extensive knowledge of apartment living and the building industry.

    Designed for 4WDs, sedans and utilities with a Pantone cool grey matte finish, the cabinets have adjustable leg height, come with 2 gas struts and a secure individual key locking system with 12 mm cross locking sidebars.

    There are some similar units on the market, but we believe that the Storage Box provides our customers with the assurance of the best quality available at a reasonable price.

    The fact that we can provide you with exceptional service, excellent supply/deliver/install times, a solid understanding of apartment living and
    large stock quantities ensure that we stand out from the others. The Storage Box is built tough and as a result each unit weighs around 170kg.

    What colour is the Storage Box?

    The Storage Box has a quality powder coated Pantone cool grey matte finish

    My question is not here!

    Sorry about that! Just fill in the contact us form or give us a call, and we’ll help you the best we can.


    When you have limited storage space available in your Sydney apartment, home, unit or duplex, our over bonnet storage cabinets are the perfect way to create a secure & tidy place to store your items.

    And we’ve tried to design The Storage Box so you can put it together without the need for complex tools or any particular “handyman” skills. The average installation takes between 1-2 hours, following the supplied instructions.

    As the Sydney distributor, Antony from NeedMoreStorage.com.au is happy to answer any question you may have about The Storage Box. Just pick up the phone & call… place a quick online enquiry… or order directly & securely from this website!

    designed to fit!

    The Storage Box has been designed specifically to fit above most car bonnets or trays. You can adjust the height to suit your space, and the whole unit sits within the width of allocated car spaces. This means it will not interfere with any other vehicles in the your apartment or unit’s garage.

    Not Just for Over-Bonnet Storage… for Sheds, Too!

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